Articles, Information, and Test Results Related to Carbon Printing
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It is the nature of carbon printing to be the result of many delicate balances and trade-offs. A small change made in one aspect of the process may have a rather profound effect on another. This can result in lengthy diversions from an original goal as one explores the various paths and cul-de-sacs that are a part of learning to work with the process.



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Carbon Technical Papers: Relatively detailed accounts of my actual working methods and procedures.
Sep 06, 2007   A Technique for Manufacturing Pre-Registered Carbon Tissue
Dec 04, 2007   A Method of Making Paper Negatives
    Basic System Calibration for Color Carbon
    Platens, Mounting, and Registration
    Pigments and Colorants
    Important Relationships in Carbon Printing
Lab Notes: Specific challenges I have encountered and possible solutions that have been found.
Sep 06, 2007   Formation of Stress Related Reticulation Patterns in Setting Gelatin
Aug 21, 2007   Intermittent Premature Hardening or Vulcanization of Pre-Sensitized Carbon Tissue
Dec 02, 2007   Signal to Noise Ratio in Relatively Thick Tissue With Low Pigment Concentration
Nov 05, 2007   Acrylic Coagulation in Pre-Sensitized Tissue
Oct 07, 2007   Working with Ammonium Potassium Chromate - First Impressions
Print Notes: Information and details relevant to the making of some of the actual prints.
    Rogues Gallery - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Oct 06, 2007   Refinery Row #1, version 1
Test Matrix: Comparison studies I have undertaken in various aspects of the printing process.
    Comparisons Between Gelatin Type, Pigment Concentration, Sensitizer, and Exposure
    Comparison of Paper Negative Types and Their Characteristics
Grab Bag: A varied collection of writings that do not really fit any other category.
Sep 09, 2007   Alternative Photo Processes - What they're all about (A personal perspective)
    A Short History of the Carbon Printing process.
    A Few Notes Concerning My Tools and Materials.
Personal Stuff: Just stuff about me and who I am, some of it being rather dated and in need of a re-write.
  Biographical Statement
  Vision Quest

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